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teuku farhan


My name is Teuku Farhan, and I am an experienced IT consultant with a passion for technopreneur and digital leadership. With over 12 years of experience in the industry and community. With accomplishment Google Cloud Digital Leader Professional Certification, I am committed to helping individuals and businesses for digital transformation and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

I am based in the beautiful city of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where I specialize in teaching people how to use the internet with cloud technology, safely, productively, and with a keen awareness of privacy concerns. I am proud to have been recognized as a national finalist for technology innovation at the Satu Indonesia Award.

Since 2010, I have served as the Chairman of the MIT Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting positive change through the use of technology and innovation. Additionally, I am an avid traveler and have been fortunate enough to explore many exciting destinations around the world, including Melbourne, Malaysia, and Turkey.

I am passionate about helping my clients reach their full potential with technology and I am here to assist you in any way I can. Thank you for visiting my website, and please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or assistance.


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Google Cloud Digital Leader Professional Certification

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2001-2005, Completed computer bachelor on Business Administration Computerized and Information Systems program in Bandung.

2005-2010, Work at several companies and roles in national Charity, Telco company, University as Chief of Volunteer Division, Marketing Officer, Database Manager, Site Manager, Chief of Information System Program.

2010, Founder & Executive Director MIT Foundation (Masyarakat Informasi Teknologi), an IT Community and non-profit organization focusing on IT Education Development, Digital Literacy and IT Specialist Certification Grant.

2010-2015, MIT Foundation in collaboration with TVRI Aceh and Serambi FM has managed 120 episodes of the live talk show TV “Knowing IT” on TVRI Aceh. I was the main resource person and managing the event.

2015, Elected as a participant in Smart City Benchmarking Melbourne, Australia. In the same year, I was invited to International Magazine Fair in Istanbul, Turkey and ASEAN Mosque Festival in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

2016, Top 4 national technology innovation finalist from Satu Indonesia Award – PT Astra International


Pendidikan Kader Ulama (PKU) MPU Kota Banda Aceh, 8 Oktober 2022

Narasumber Ahli
Sidang Paripurna II MPU Aceh Tahun 2022. Tema pembahasan “Penghasilan Melalui Aplikasi Medsos ditinjau dari Perspektif Syariat Islam. Judul Makalah : Tren Mencari Penghasilan melalui Aplikasi Medsos

Narasumber Ahli
Rapat Panitia Musyawarah (PANMUS) II Tahun 2022 Majelis Permusyawaratan Ulama (MPU) Aceh tentang Tren Mencari Penghasilan melalui Aplikasi Medsos

Narasumber Ahli
Muzakarah Ulama Kabupaten Pidie Tahun 2021M/1443H. Tema : Kajian Judi Online Menurut Hukum Islam dan Upaya Pencegahan serta Pemberantasan

logo dinas dayah

Narasumber Ahli
Bahtsul Masail Ulama Dayah Aceh 2022 tentang Tren Bisnis Online menggunakan Sistem Dropship diselenggarakan oleh Dinas Pendidikan Dayah Aceh

logo lp3i banda aceh

Seminar Literasi Digital pada Rapat Kerja (Raker) staf dan pengajar LP3I 2021 di Kota Banda Aceh


Narasumber Ahli
Sidang Bahtsul Masail Pengurus Nahdhatul Ulama (NU) Aceh 2020 tentang Game Judi Online Higgs Domino

logo kominfo

Technopreneurship | Bimbingan Teknis Peserta Sertifikasi 2019 bidang IT di Banda Aceh, Sigli dan Aceh Besar


Keynote Speaker
2018 | Media Development in Aceh di Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul – Turkiye


Brotherhood of Magazine Award 2018

From Divanyolu Magazine Turkey at International Magazine Fair, Istanbul 2018

satu indonesia awards 2016

Satu Indonesia Award 2016

Finalist Technology Innovation from Satu Indonesia Award PT Astra International


IT Consultation, Digital Consultant, Digital Asset Management, Digital Parenting, Digital Literacy, Online Safety, Privacy Awareness, Website Manager, Project Manager, Technopreneurship. Rate : $50-250 per hour

IT Consultation

Internet users have increased rapidly since 2010 and now in 2022 over 204.7 million Indonesian users connected to the Internet (01/2022, WeAreSocial Report). I help people how to use digital tools and internet safely in positive and productive way.

Digital Asset

Your digital asset is everywhere and should be managed well. From Social Media Account to Domain. I can help you managing and securing your digital asset from domain, email photo, video, pdf. I will help you with this and secure your digital asset.

Project Management

If you are looking for a project managert who’ll take over of your digital project. From assestment, planning, execution, implementation, maintenance and reporting. I will help you reach your project goals.


2016 : Founder/Project Manager, Local search engine & positive site references. Top 4 Finalist Technology Innovation 2016

2014 : Organizing Cloud and Mobile Gaming Bootcamp Banda Aceh in Collaboration with BINUS University, ICAIOS & Internet Society UK

2013 : IT Consultant, Cyber UIN Ar-Raniry Project

2012 : Project Manager, Open Source Project Game Development “Meurunoe Beut”

2010-2015 : Managing 120 Episode Live Talkshow “Knowing IT” TVRI Aceh & Serambi FM

2009-2021: Web Manager



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