Teuku Farhan


In 2005, I start my career as humanity worker in one of biggest national NGO (Non Profit Organization) in Bandung, West Java as volunteer on earthquake and tsunami disaster in West Java and Jogja. In 2006, elected as chief of volunteer West Java area.

5 year (2010-2015) become producer and main speaker at local TV show in TVRI Aceh. Managing 100 episode on “Introducing IT” Live Talkshow. First IT talkshow in TVRI.

10 years experience on Information Technology field. As blogger, speaker, freelancer, technopreneur, web master, internet analyst. Become main speaker in Information Technology (IT) issue in local mainstream media. 

After spent 5 years study, graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information System in Bandung, West Java, I spent the last 5 years working in several job, such as volunteer in one of biggest national non-profit organization, work in Jogja earthquake and Pangandaran tsunami, then voted as chief of west java volunteer department. Then i was moved to marketing department. Im also have experience work in supervisory board of BRR NAD Nias (Special Agency for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Aceh and Nias) as technical staff in education, health and gender field, then moved to database officer.

In 2009-2010, i work in private and government college as lecturer and chief of information system department.

Since 2010 until now (2020, 10th anniversary), i choose freelance work. I build MIT, an local NGO in Information and Technology field. I manage and produced 100 episode live TV talkshow programme named “Mengenal IT/Introduce IT” at TVRI Aceh, an local national TV.  This is first national and local IT education on national TV. You can read some my resume here.

Since 2010 untill now (2020) im also do my passion in IT, Social Work and History. A web master, web analytic, digital marketing specialist, write history and culture magazine and social work in various organization across the South East Asia, Australia and Europe.

In 2015, i’ve been elected to be participant of Smartcity Benchmarking in Melbourne, Australia. In 2016, my voluntary work choosed as finalist of National Best Innovation Technology by Satu Indonesia Award. Since 2015-2020, i’ve been elected to be a participant of International Magazine Fair in Istanbul, Turkey.

Interest to work together with me? Just text me in Telegram.